Our Mission

   As a brand, we are constantly looking forward. You will find our concept art, our creative innovations and future vision for Willifordbuy will continue to climb. The unique relationship between those who create the artistic products and those who enjoy them has helped create an enthralling story unlike any other. Our ultimate goal is to have a company that creates enough profit so we can rescue senior dogs. Dogs that have been abandoned or that can no longer be taken care of by their owners. WIllifordBuy plans to build a ranch for them to come and to give them the best life they can have in their final days, months, or years before God calls them home. This will create a win-win between man and man’s best friend.     


        Just over 10 years now we have been talking about opening our own business that somehow would help us rescue senior dogs. We moved to Atlanta from south west Florida seeking to accomplish this goal. Trying to figure out a way to work with senior dogs and work from home. It took some time but we found good jobs in the insurance business and slowly things moved in the right direction. We looked at buying into different companies and starting our own. We just knew we wanted to work from home and have a unique business. Something so we could rescue a few dogs and give them a great home.

       Only 4 years ago we were apart of a greek festival as an art vendor. During the time of creating the paintings for the festival, we were posting on Facebook progression as the paintings came to life. Mainly for our own records, not realizing that so many were paying attention. The speed and detail somehow captured people’s imagination. Not long after, we started getting commission request. It is now been 4 years and we have painted over 120 commission pieces for clients all over the United States. But we are still working our regular jobs and doing the commission after work and weekend. So to free up more time to do more commission art work and to start our own series of paintings.  We decided to start an online business using our talents and degrees as the keystone so to find items and add unique art to them. We anticipate this will free up our time to take on more commissions and ultimately create the income to rescue more senior dogs and give them a great home. This is a win for everyone who purchases from Willifordbuy.com.

      The future for WillifordBuy as a company is to not only sell unique items but to also educate. Soon there will be both free and paid online art classes.The creative side of the human brain is such a wondrous thing. It does not understand the word NO or CAN’T. The place where dreams come from. We plan to help unlock that part and let the euphoria or creating art build a wonder haven for senior dogs.

      Please don’t keep us a secret. Please share and reach out to us with any questions and help keep us going in a positive and loving direction.  

This is Chewy AKA Chew-Chew. He was the first senior dog that we have rescued and his recovery from a horrible living situation has been heartwarming. Remember the win-win.

Thanks again for your support

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